Memorable trip to Navegaon-Nagzira Tiger Reserve (NNTR)

12 November 2016

Mom, Dad and I arrived at Ahmednagar Railway station around 8:10 pm. We had a tough time finding the station as the lanes in the city were quite confusing and people were giving weird directions. Finally, after some efforts, we found the railway station. At the railway station, we had some snacks and were waiting for the train on the platform.

On the platform, there was a group of almost 50 people from the Indian Army standing and were waiting for the train. Then I realised that they were giving farewell to one of his colleges who was transferred to Jammu at the Line of Control.  The train from Pune to Jammu stationed on the platform and people saying goodbye to his dear colleague as the train proceeded.

It was a sombre moment for us. Uri, Pathankot memories flashed in our mind. How devoted and committed those soldiers were! No one knows what he was going to face it when he will come back. But there was so much cheer and happiness that he was going to serve the nation. In our mind, we prayed for his safety. Due to demonetisation, everyone was complaining about the hardship faced. But that soldier didn’t appear worried that how his family would face cash shortage. Rather he was very happy, excited that he was going serve nation. Looking at him I also felt inspire and saluted him.

After that platform was empty, we stood on the platform waiting for the train. 16 people had registered for the camp. Dad had a meeting so he could not come to Nagzira. Finally, after a long wait, the train arrived, although late. As the train slowed down on the platform, I saw my dear friend Anuj in the door of the compartment. Anuj works as the Head of Eco-tourism committee for Govt. Of Maharashtra and is the founder and director of Nature Walk Outdoors charitable trust. We boarded the train with a lot of excitement and then dad left for Pune. Since we had a very hectic day, family function at Nashik then travel from Nasik to Ahmednagar, we slept early. *Continued*

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Hello Friends I am Nidhip Joshi, an environment lover, a passionate wildlifer and photographer. This portal is to share my thoughts, opinions and journey to the world. Pls pen down your thoughts opinion, suggestions and feedback and please do subscribe to my blog. Best Wishes to everyone Nidhip Joshi

8 thoughts on “Memorable trip to Navegaon-Nagzira Tiger Reserve (NNTR)

  1. Hey Nidhip, since we had been together for 1 year I know your passion and knowledge about wildlife, it’s amazing that you are thinking to go into the world of animals atleast they are better than so called humans. I know you Nidhip, and I’m sure that you will achieve the peak
    Best Wishes, God bless!💐

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  2. The incidents where thrilling and very much exciting. The photographs are really fascinating and the write up really took me to nagzira for a while….All the best mate keep writing 💯🙌


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